155 Center Ct, Venice, FL 34285
+1 (856) 456-4996
office@ wastetocharity.org

Donate Surplus Items – GiveSpot.com

Make Your Waste Make a Difference

Donate Surplus Items – GiveSpot.com

They were nice enough to provide a link for Waste to Charity

Donate Surplus Items – GiveSpot.com.


Jack Fitzgerald Sarasota Florida

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  1. Dona Ross says:

    Hi, I found this site that may take unused medical surplus supplies. I have a friend her husband passed away and she has approx. 30 boxes of unused diabetic syringes. She does not need them , hoping to find a place that can. Can you use them? if not do you now a place that can?

    • Make sure you stress these are NEW Sealed in boxes. Try the local Salvation Army or Goodwill Industries. If that Fails, Go to the largest Church in the town- they will know a Diabetic in need!
      Good for you helping a friend in need!

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