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Waste can make a difference to wildlife!

Make Your Waste Make a Difference

Waste can make a difference to wildlife!

Of Course, everyone knows that pollution can hurt wildlife, but carefully managed waste streams can have a beneficial impact on wildlife conservation efforts.

When we learned that the Wildlife Center of Venice  needed of several items, new feed barrels, and were desperate for items such as surgical gloves, paper products a compressor and several other items. We searched our inventory to see what items could be used int the fight to save florida’s natural habitat. This simple request has turned into a flourishing partnership of two kindred organizations, both of whom take our responsibility to guard the precious habitats in which we live and work to the best of our ability.

Waste to Charity Partners with Wildlife Center of Venice, which is how waste can make a difference to wildlife!


Wildlife Center Of Venice Florida working with Waste to Charity to save Florida Wildlife.



A Compressor for the Wildlife Center


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