Our Mission

Waste to Charity's ongoing mission is to match waste generators with recyclers, and organizations able to reuse unwanted materials.

We have abated MILLIONS OF POUNDS of products.

We love what we do: It's exciting to come to work, everyday many Tractor Trailer-loads / and TRUCKLOADS of opportunity await us.

How to Help

YOU can make a difference! Who is the most influential or successful person you know? Could you forward our website to them? It’s a win-win-win! We dedicate time, energy and resources to helping the under served by soliciting donations from both corporate and individuals alike and redistributing items to those in need. Our goal: Make a difference in the world by partnering with both business and individual members.

Overcrowded Landfills

Waste to Charity provides organizations with the peace of mind that their donations will be handled by experienced staff.
They will get them to where they are needed the most.

Acceptable inventory donations range from excess, obsolete and end-of-the-season merchandise.

Please help us explain that excess inventory never belongs in a landfill.

Change the Lives of People in need, One product at a time

Our Mission is to Help Those Who Need It

Waste to Charity has successfully been accepting donations, and providing quality products to those in need around the world for the past five years. We dedicate our time, energy and resources to helping the under served population by soliciting donations from both corporate America and individuals alike and redistributing them to those in need. We are a non-profit organization whose goal is to make a difference in the world by partnering with both business and individual members.

Acceptable inventory donations range from excess, obsolete and end-of-the-season merchandise.

Having a surplus of assets is an issue that affects just about every company in the after-market. This surplus or excess inventory takes up valuable warehouse space and can create various hidden expenses, such as insurance, maintenance, depreciation and even taxes. Organizations who donate merchandise to Waste to Charity can clear
out warehouse and retail space, earn federal income tax deductions and avoid liquidation nightmares.

When deciding whether or not to liquidate your stock, it is important to keep in mind that if you liquidate, you may be setting yourself up to be undermined with the selling of your own products. Discount houses may buy up your liquidated stock and compete against you, which can greatly affect your regular set prices. Instead, by donating your surplus inventory you can take advantage of federal income tax deductions, which could add up to twice the initial cost of the items. Donating simply makes good sense for corporations; not only does it make economic sense, but your generous contributions give back to the society and community as a whole, offering a helping hand to those less fortunate. Waste to Charity provides organizations with the peace of mind that their donations will be handled by experienced staff who will get them to where they are needed most.

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Recent Posts

It’s that time of year- get rid of old inventory fast. Clear out that warehouse!

2013 is over for most corporations, and despite the RUSH: Christmas season will be whatever it is, and then on to 2014…. It seems that every year, right after thanksgiving, we are lucky enough to have a LOT of companies looking to clear out their warehouses: they’ll donate the inventory,...

The Homeless Coalition of Charlotte County In A Partnership of Giving with Waste To Charity

Something as simple as Paper Products can make a difference in the quality of a homeless life. We’re glad to be working with The Homeless Coalition of Charlotte County making a positive difference for destitute and down on their luck folks right here in Southwest Florida. An Assortment of Paper Products...

Project Phoenix Picks Up & Waste To Charity Delivers!

Project Pheonix assists  families and individuals in our community who find themselves recovering from a devastating loss for various reasons. We provide these individuals and families household items and furniture free of charge....

Waste can make a difference to wildlife!

Of Course, everyone knows that pollution can hurt wildlife, but carefully managed waste streams can have a beneficial impact on wildlife conservation efforts. When we learned that the Wildlife Center of Venice  needed of several items, new feed barrels, and were desperate for items such as surgical gloves, paper products...

Product donation benefits donors

Tax Incentives for donating obsolete, closeout or liquidation inventory (Source: IRS.gov): Congress provides incentives under the tax laws to encourage donation of inventory to non-profit organizations. These laws provide an incentive to businesses for donating slow-moving items prior to marking down the price. By donating items that today are collecting dust...

In the UK , there’s a Kindred Spirit! Supermarkets refuse to give waste to charity | The Badger

Julian Hutter started the program  on the 7 September after he saw large quantities of waste being loaded into black bags by the Co-operative at the end of each day. He is currently collecting from the University of Sussex Student’s Union (SU) shop on campus as well as from two...

Researchers: Large Number of Fish Will Disappear From Tropics by 2050

Large numbers of fish will disappear from the tropics by 2050, finds a new University of Britsh Columbia study that examined the impact of climate change on fish stocks. The study identified ocean hotspots for local fish extinction but also found that changing temperatures will drive more fish into the...

Working with the Charlotte Prevention Hunger and Homelessness

  Working with the Charlotte Foundation For Prevention of Hunger and Homelessness Inc: Waste to Charity’s ongoing distribution work.. Donation of shoes clothes and paper products....

Bobo working at our donation facility! Dog friendly workplace.

Anyone who has visited our Florida warehouse has probably met BoBo. He comes to work almost everyday and looks forwarded to to checking out all of new donations and greeting everyone who visits.  ...

Advanced Posts

  • Food Is a Human Right
    Could your family cope without enough food for a week? Purpose: To provide basic food staples and clean water to people suffering from natural disasters, war, or extreme poverty. Products We’ve Donated: Cooking oil, corn, rice, beans, water, fruit juice, and other food staples....
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  • Medicine Needed to Save Lives NOW
    Can you imagine the FRUSTRATION OF A PARENT who can’t ease a child’s fever? Purpose: To provide basic medical furniture and supplies to hospitals and health clinics in impoverished areas of the world, increasing the quality of healthcare to the poor. Products We’ve Donated: Bandages, ointments, sutures, medical instruments, rubber gloves, gauze,...
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  • Write Now: Immediate Educational Needs
    Can you imagine trying to teach a child with no pen or paper? Purpose: To help educate children in poverty stricken areas of the world by providing them with essential school supplies. Products We’ve Donated: Pencils, pens, erasers, paper, notebooks, office & school supplies, backpacks, school furniture and school uniforms....
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