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An Old Article, but a goodie.. What Happens to Returned Gifts?

Make Your Waste Make a Difference

An Old Article, but a goodie.. What Happens to Returned Gifts?

‘Tis The Season of Returned Merchandise.

National Non-profit organization ( https://wastetocharity.org ) turns problem inventory into support for the poor. Retail inventories donated create huge tax savings.

(PRWEB) December 13, 2004 — The Christmas shopping season poses one large, widely ignored difficulty for major outlets, including shopping malls, web sites, and retailers: returns. In any given year, it is not unheard of for this industry to have to destroy or waste up to 10 percent of products and raw materials used. Whether misprinted, poorly packaged, shipped incorrectly, or just stuck in a supply chain issue: one thing is for sure: much needed inventory goes to waste every year in the USA.

Waste to charity has developed partnerships with leading freight and

warehouse companies around the US, to assist retailers, wholesalers, and distriubutors in handling the flood of returned merchandise, and overstocked items.Companies in the USA will write down (read: waste) $5 Billion in products during 2005. Despite all of the advancements we have made as a species, people live in abject squalor, and need any help we can provide.

Specializing in obsolete products, customer returns, inventory write downs, and other type of distressed inventory ,Waste to Charity has placed millions of dollars worth of of supplies to the world’s poor, and underserved. Headquartered in Sarasota, Florida and Woodbury New Jersey, they work nationally, helping donors in maximizing their social impact in their immediate area, and the rest of the world.

Whether in donor’s stores, distribution centers, or a vendors, Waste to Charity provides freight, pick up, itemized inventory, and all contact PRWeb. We will be unable to

necessary tax work. Unlike other organizations, they are completely self supported through the placement of goods through the charity community.

Growing from $150 k , to over $6 million dollars per year of donated products, the products are going directly to the people that need them most, here in the USA as well as overseas.

By Contacting Waste to Charity, any company, large or small, can make their waste make a difference.

Obsolete inventory write downs occur despite the greatest inventory controls, and supply chain tools ever available to business. It is estimated that US businesses waste 5 billion dollars per year, of useable product.

The Reason? Although the software and systems may be greatly effective, the “turn” or sale of inventory is still driven by demand. Consumer preferences, marketing and the general state of the economy are variables that can be estimated, but no system nor person can be perfect in their ratios.

Even though some products are in great demand, even the savviest of merchandisers cannot always sell 100% of what they have in stock. Many industries face ever changing technologies, where today’s hot item, is quickly replaced, and becomes yesterday’s news. One look at the computer industry confirms this, although the issue is applicable in just about every industry.

Waste to Charity was founded with just that idea in mind. It is our human instinct to avoid waste, however in business, some items just do not sell.

Waste to Charity ( https://wastetocharity.org) assists companies with these inventory write downs. During this process our donors reclaim valuable storage, shelf space and man-hours, and in the end receive a generous tax deduction of up to twice the cost of the products donated. This is no “tax loophole” but rather a deliberate act of congress to encourage donations of product to qualified , and deserving charities.

Waste to Charity handles donations from a wide array of business types, and has worked with computers, food, clothing, tools, fabric, machinery, automobiles, boats, and even real estate.E very offering is carefully considered, and then placed in the situiation which will give the maximum social benefit.

For more information about Waste to Charity, you can visit them online at wastetocharity.org.

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