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Wow- you guys wiped us out!!

Make Your Waste Make a Difference

Wow- you guys wiped us out!!

We got Emptied Out!

Thanks For making us Empty!




You took us to the cleaners!

Waste to Charity has No More Gatorade in Stock, Paper products, Vitamins, Cleaners, or Cabinets!

Attention-  EVERYONE Must Register and make an appointment, in order to receive any products.

YOU MUST HAVE Registered, and made an appointment in order to receive product ( not too much to ask, is it? )

For an Appointment,  YOU MUST MUST MUST- contact office@wastetocharity.org, and receive a confirmation- simply telling us you want to come and get a million dollars of product does not work.

You all have been fantastic- please keep it up!

Visit us anytime: https://wastetocharity.org

1200 Ogden Road, Unit 4
Venice, Fl 34285 USA

Ph; 941-882-4363 ( Shipping )
Fax: 813-354-2372
contact office@wastetocharity.org


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