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Waste to Charity Mission Statement

Make Your Waste Make a Difference

Waste to Charity Mission Statement

Waste to Charity’s ongoing mission is to match waste generators with recyclers, and organizations able to reuse unwanted materials.

We have abated MILLIONS OF POUNDS of products.

We love what we do: It’s exciting to come to work, everyday many Tractor Trailer-loads of products and TRUCKLOADS and BOATLOADS of opportunity await us!

Waste to Charity was formed to accomplish MULTIPLE objectives.

First, we are here to educate the business community and provide them with a viable alternative to their waste disposal issues.

Secondly we always are addressing our increasing concern of the country’s shrinking landfill space.

When you and Waste to Charity keep any item out of the landfill, it benefits your company, your government, and your children- even before we find a use for it! We help to protect the environment as our overcrowded Landfills DO contribute to Global warming. When we entomb products into a landfill, they decompose, creating “run-off” and methane gas. Methane gas contributes to Global Warming, and “run-off” is a leading source of groundwater pollution. Since we can not “Unmake” products, and it is not always energy efficient ( or even possible ) to recycle them, our next best solution is to find a long term use for them. RE-USE is the most carbon efficient form of recycling. Our planet is warming, and every pound of landfill space used heats the garbage beneath it.

For those that believe global warming is a Hoax, we ask this: “Do you believe that Pollution is a hoax?” Does polluted water taste as good as clean water? OF course not.

Third, we are taking many of those items typically disposed of by the business community and matching them with segments of society whom may be in need of these commodities.

Example of successes are too long to list in this space, although we do publish actual success stories on our webpages. Click here to read about our successes.

Items such as computers, everyday overstock, useable customer returns, last month’s cell phones and a myriad of other solid waste items have all been successfully recycled .

Waste to Charity’s ongoing mission is to  match waste generators with recyclers, and organizations able to reuse unwanted materials. We have abated MILLIONS OF POUNDS of products. It’s exciting to come to work, since everyday many Tractor Trailer-loads / TRUCKLOADS of opportunity awaits.

One of our ongoing challenges, oddly enough is spooking with the recipients themselves!

Once we are able to establish a real connection with other organizations, We work hard to identify what Charitable Organizations feel they need or lack on a regular basis, and make ongoing attempts to match them with PRODUCERS / or other commercial enterprises which may possess their answer..

Simply: we have 2 types of clients our Donors and our Recipients.

If need be we recycle the resources into something useful or sell it ourselves, donating the proceeds to various organizations. We are the vehicle for businesses to responsibly dispose of,  or recycle their obsolete, overstock  or excess items through our custom programs focusing on economically gaining the most social value from their unneeded items and promoting sustainability in this part of their business.




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