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Our Purposes and Goals

Make Your Waste Make a Difference

Our Purposes and Goals


” I am of the generation that recycles because it knows it has to, not because it is being avant-garde. “ Unknown


Our goals:


To utilize Corporate America’s power and largesse for the betterment of mankind.


We believe that “Nature abhors a Vacuum”, and “In order to perform the impossible, change the environment.”


Our Inventory Recovery Program’s Purpose, First and foremost is:


To keep re-useable items out of our nation’s overflowing landfills.


To Identify and work with like minded organizations, groups, companies and individuals, matching these items with people in need.


As a RESULT of these activities, we have been able to make an impact.


We further work to:


To provide basic clothing to people living in extreme poverty in the United States and around the world.


To combat disease, sickness, and death by providing the poor with products that will help create a healthier living environment.


To provide impoverished women with the opportunity to support their families by providing them with the necessary resources to learn how to sew. These skills can then be used to secure a job or start their own business.


To provide basic food staples and clean water to people suffering from natural disasters, war, or extreme poverty.


To provide basic medical furniture and supplies to hospitals and health clinics in impoverished areas of the world, increasing the quality of healthcare to the poor.


To help educate children in poverty stricken areas of the world by providing them with essential school supplies.


To utilize Corporate America’s power and largesse for the betterment of mankind.


This is the never-ending quest of Waste to Charity, and our corporate partners- Care enough to join us?


Always Check with your tax advisers for the implications of any donation!


Our recipients need these donations now!

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