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It’s that time of year- get rid of old inventory fast. Clear out that warehouse!

Make Your Waste Make a Difference

It’s that time of year- get rid of old inventory fast. Clear out that warehouse!

2013 is over for most corporations, and despite the RUSH: Christmas season will be whatever it is, and then on to 2014….

It seems that every year, right after thanksgiving, we are lucky enough to have a LOT of companies looking to clear out their warehouses: they’ll donate the inventory, as the need to clear out the warehouse; oh one more thing: they save on taxes.

Since some of the companies are new, I feel like we’re interviewing for a job with every reply, and every job is different !

So, if you want to know who I am, and what our pitch is, today is your lucky day!

Please look for us on social networks, or just hit us with an email- we sure appreciate the opportunity, and everyone gets a reply- right away!


Jack Fitzgerald is the Founder of Waste to Charity, which strives to make America’s Waste make a difference. Across a 25 year career, he has worked on the re-use of thousands of items, including chemicals, ingredients, materials, and food stuffs. Why? When we entomb products into a landfill, they decompose, creating run-off and methane gas. Methane gas contributes to Global Warming, and “run-off” is a leading source of groundwater pollution. Since we can not “Unmake” products, and it is not always energy efficient ( or even possible ) to recycle them, our next best solution is to find a long term use for them. We are always here to try to re-use and recycle any type of inventory and reduce the strain on America’s overcrowded landfills.


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