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Channel 7 ABC’s “7 Who Care” Award Winning Volunteer!

We are SO Proud to be a part of this fantastic program, which will be featured on the Education Channel, as well as our Local ABCAction News Channel 7 Affiliate. It was an Honor to Stand By Kelly Keller during the awards ceremony! This is a HEART Felt Thank you to everyone who makes the Laurel Nokomis Clothes Closet Possible! EVERY School in America should care this much about their students! Jack Fitzgerald, Director, Waste...

Seems Like a Great Idea: Locate illegal dumps all around the world |

OUR Disclaimer: We have not tested this Application, and you do so at your own risk. While Illegal Dumping is not our EXACT purview, we ABHOR it!   Let`s locate all illegal dumps in cities and nature World initiative to locate and report all illegal dumps Less illegal dumps in your neighborhood Cleaner environment and healthier planet for everyone via Locate illegal dumps all around the world |