Jasper Group Recommends Waste to charity as part of their Reuse and Takeback program!


Jasper Group products with proper selection and care will last a lifetime.  Once an end-user has decided to replace their furniture, Jasper Group recommends the following options:

  1. Donation to Waste to Charity.org  http://www.wastetocharity.org   856-456-4996-Reuse
  2. Intercon Solutions-888-452-5642-John Hartman-Recycling
  3.  Hosea Project Movers -859-291-7070-Earl Flummer-Reuse
  4. Donation to local Salvation Army, Goodwill, Habitat for Humanity or charitable institution- Reuse

THANK YOU JASPER GROUP! More information about this manufacturer can be found at


Please use the above information to make direct contact.  On occasion there may be limited service areas and fees may apply, as applicable.

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When we entomb products into a landfill, they decompose, creating run-off and methane gas. Methane gas contributes to Global Warming, and “run-off” is a leading source of groundwater pollution. Since we can not “Unmake” products, and it is not always energy efficient ( or even possible ) to recycles them, our next best solution is to find a long term use for them. We are always here to try to recycle any type of inventory and reduce the strain on America’s overcrowded landfills!