Why study it if it isn’t real? Is Exxon/Mobil or BP building offices in any of these cities?

What do the insurance actuary tables say? We wonder…


WASHINGTON (AP) — Scientists have figured out when temperatures could really go off the charts from global warming. And for dozens of cities it’s only about a generation away.

For Kingston, Jamaica, it’s 2023. Singapore in 2028. Mexico City in 2031. Cairo in 2036. Phoenix and Honolulu in 2043.

Researchers at the University of Hawaii came up with the dates after looking at 150 years of record-keeping. Then they calculated when cities and ecosystem across the world would regularly experience never-before-seen hotter environments.

For example, in 2005, the world had it its hottest year on record. But the study in the journal Nature says that by the year 2047 every year will likely be warmer than that record-setting scorcher.

The study was released Wednesday.

via Study: Temperatures Go Off The Charts Around 2047.