Red ‘Honey’ May Come from Candy-Fed BeesThu, 09/05/2013 – 12:48pm SALT LAKE CITY AP — What appears to be red honey is showing up in some Utah beehives and state officials say it may be coming from bugs feasting on candy cane byproduct.Utah Department of Agriculture and Food officials say theyve received several complaints about the odd-colored goo in hives in Davis, Salt Lake and Utah counties. They say the bees were apparently fed the byproduct that came from a candy factory.Officials say they dont have any reason to call the red substance unsafe, but advise beekeepers not to mix it with normal-colored honey and to report it to the state.Regulators are investigating whether the substance can be considered honey. Beehive State standards define honey as a product that originates from a floral source.

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Our concern is that while using expired candy for bees may be a creative re-use, we’d be concerned about that Hive’ ability to do their job when pollinating plants. We hope that this is studied?


There is a quote that is often attributed to Albert einstein, and it goes like this: “If the bee disappeared off the surface of the globe then man would only have four years of life left.” – Now whether or not the man said it seems to be academic.

We would like to know if the information in the quote is correct!