Julian Hutter started the program  on the 7 September after he saw large quantities of waste being loaded into black bags by the Co-operative at the end of each day.

He is currently collecting from the University of Sussex Student’s Union (SU) shop on campus as well as from two Sainsbury’s branches in the centre of the city.

Mr. Hutter takes the food he receives to St Patrick’s Church, a homeless shelter in Brighton and Hove.
Julian goes to the SU shop every evening to collect any food that will not be sold on the following day.

Lucy Kent, supervisor of the store, explained that he usually takes any uneaten patisserie items and the wraps.
She said: “Julian is really great. He always asks us to take what we want first and then takes the rest. We fully support the work that he is doing.”
Numerous supermarkets have, however, declined his offer, including the Co-operative stores on campus and around the city, Tesco, and a number of Sainsbury’s branches.

Having not received permission to collect food from the Co-op on campus, Julian decided to contact the head office directly. They have told Mr. Hutter that they plan to contact the store manager and Julian has ‘high hopes’ that they will allow him to collect their waste soon.

The store currently throws away around 6 or 7 trolley-loads each day and the plastic bags are regularly randomly checked at the end of each day to ensure that no-one has stolen any of the rubbish.

Supermarkets refuse to give waste to charity | The Badger.