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Barriers to Donating Food
More than three-quarters (77 percent) of respondents indicated that there are barriers, either internal or external, that prevent their company from donating more unsaleable food. Table 9 outlines the specific types of barriers that companies face. The most common barrier highlighted by each sector is bolded.

Barriers to Donating Food:

The First Percentage is Retail and Manufacturing  The Second Percentage is Wholesale

Transportation constraints: 63% 42%

Liability concerns: 50% 67%

Insufficient storage and refrigeration at food banks: 50% 50%

Regulatory constraints: 50% 17%

Insufficient on-site storage and refrigeration: 38% 33%

Some of the specific barriers cited by respondents are highlighted below, grouped into categories in order to best reflect the breadth of barriers:

Storage and transportation:
– Insufficient space and refrigeration at food banks – Lack of refrigerated trucks and drivers – Justifying cost of transportation and/or on-site holding areas
Liability and food safety:
– Ability to donate misformulated and semi-finished products – Chain of custody in case of recall – Concerns despite Good Samaritan protection
BSR | Analysis of U.S. Food Waste Among Food Manufacturers, Retailers, & Wholesalers 17
» Regulatory and external policy:
– Good food past saleable date – Limitations on what food banks will accept – Inability to donate private-label items without customer approval
» Financial:
– Decisions to limit write-off expenses at fiscal year-end – Justification of fair market value for unconventional donations – Tax-deduction risks
» Behavioral and internal policy:
– Company policies – Employee education – Internal resistance to change


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Source: Foodwastealliance.org