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Business donations

Product donation benefits donors

Tax Incentives for donating obsolete, closeout or liquidation inventory (Source: Congress provides incentives under the tax laws to encourage donation of inventory to non-profit organizations. These laws provide an incentive to businesses for donating slow-moving items prior to marking down the price. By donating items that today are collecting dust on a warehouse floor or a retail outlet shelf, donors can save the cost of other expenses related to maintaining the inventory, including the cost...

Are we Educational or Interventional we say “YES”

When asked whether we were Educational or Interventional – we said “yes” #wastetocharity At Waste to Charity, we are equally involved in educating the public on current waste issues and we are recyclers too.  We are very involved in PRECYCLING.  ( See the wikipedia description by clicking the link.  We work on a large-scale by helping corporate donors find new uses for unneeded products, parts and ingredients and we serve local charities with items they...